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Camloc Gas Springs

Camloc Standard Vari-Lift Gas Struts or Gas Springs from Components Direct are available to fit a very wide range of applications. We have an extensive range of sizes, end connectors and brackets.

Calculations can be made to estimate what properties are needed for a gas strut in a particular design. However, when gas struts are used, it is often found that the theoretical forces don't match with reality because factors such as hinge friction and speed of action will have affect requirement.

The Gas Struts overcome this problem as they can be adjusted to meet the specific needs, and can even be adjusted when in position, saving you both time and effort.

Our Gas Struts are fully charged to their maximum force when manufactured. We supply a standard tool with the gas springs so that you can gradually release the gas using the Vari-Lift valve to reduce the pressure and provide the force you need.

Once this has been done once, we are able to measure this force and provide you with fixed force Gas Struts to these precise requirements.

WARNING: The force can only be adjusted downwards. (See Vari-Lift Adjustment Instructions.)

Standard Vari-Lift Gas Struts


  • Calculation of force is not needed
  • You adjust the force down to your requirements
  • The pressure in the strut can be adjusted after installation
  • The adjustment is simple using standard tool supplied
  • This is ideal for prototyping or for short production runs
  • It is also ideal where application weights vary

Our Econoloc Gas Springs are of a superior quality with an added safety feature that is required in many heavy duty applications, such as construction machinery, trucks, switch gear and agricultural equipment.

They are positively locked when extended fully, this feature helps protect an operator from potential injury if a gas strut fails because of misuse or overload. This removes the need for separate safety rods in critical lift-assist applications. The strut locking operates automatically and is simple to use.

When the Gas Spring is extended fully, a spring-loaded locking shroud moves into place and this prevents the Gas Strut from compressing. The Econoloc can then be released by applying thumb pressure to the correct area of the locking shroud. This allows the Gas Strut to compress in a normal controlled manner.

Econoloc Vari-Lift Gas Struts


  • In critical lift-assisted operations, it eliminates the need for separate safety rods
  • They are adjustable to any force within the range of the strut
  • Easy and safe and to use
  • Self-contained units
  • Maintenance-free
  • Safety feature operates automatically

If you would like further information of the type of Gas Spring or the size of the Gas Spring, read the informaiton below.

What Type of Gas Spring Do I Need?

What Size Gas Spring Do I Need?


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