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Industrial Fasteners

Panel Fasteners

We offer an extensive range of Panel Fasteners which include Edge Clips, Fir Tree Buttons, Trim Clips, W Buttons and Quarter Turn Fasteners. These are used for connecting items to panels on their edge, or fixing through holes or slots, or for attaching trim components.

Edge Clips are available in various styles which include:

- Edge Clips Standard secure two panels or components to other panels.
- Edge Clips D Type have barbs on one side to retain the assembly in position whilst the other side is flat for a neat appearance.
- S Clip Edge Clips are s shaped, the barbs hold the clip in place eliminating the need for holes and screws.
- Edge Clips Extrusion Mounting provide a dual function as these are designed with internal and external barbs.

Fir Tree Buttons are extensively used in the automotive industry to secure trims, these are quick and simple to install

Plastic Trim Clips and W Buttons are widely used in the automotive industry and designed to be blind-fixed to provide a neat and attractive appearance.

Quarter Turn Fasteners consist of a Stud, Clip and a Washer and used for securing panels and components where accessibility is important.

Panel and trim fasteners can be used within many different industries including automotive, electrical equipment, furniture, aerospace and caravans.

Supplied to the automotive industry for cars, vans, trucks, construction and agricultural vehicles many of these fasteners are used as trim and fascia fittings Components Direct offer a very wide range of fastening solutions spring steel and plastics that fasten a variety of methods such as metal or plastic barbs and can be designed for permanent or removable fixings.

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