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We care about the planet and the environment. It makes sense because we live here. And so do our children.

It’s easy to say nice things about doing business in a way that’s ethically and environmentally responsible. It’s much harder to meet the demands of ISO 14001:2015. But we do.

Everyone at Components Direct is committed to meeting all relevant aspects of legal and environmental legislation. We implement the necessary controls to ensure this compliance and take care to ensure our products and services are safe to use. And we will minimise our use of hazardous materials, energy, and other resources. All this is written in to the way we work at Components Direct.

Not only do we continually strive to conduct our operations in a manner that will prevent pollution and conserve resources. But we work on our supplier and customer relations to promote environmental management, encouraging them to adopt sound environmental management practices. We use Eco Products wherever we can because we want to take environmental responsibility.

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